Hello All, I am the creator and father of the daughters behind the Sisters Lip Gloss Brand. I had a vision in my head, gave to Bri and she ran with it. Her communication and attentiveness on this project was amazing. From the vision to the production of the product Bri’s Secure The Brand was flawless. Im actually planning another brand that I will have her build as well. She is connected, smart, innovative and a genuine down to earth person.

Kenny Grant

You have blessed my life indefinitely. Thank you for always answering my questions.

A blessed and inspiring Queen you are!

Chelsea M.

I love it!

Keonna P.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time out to give us some tips and show what things you have learned in your process of building your company and brand. I learned a lot and had a lot questions answered that I didnt think to ask. The format and way you interacted with us was very helpful.  I'll definitely be keeping up with your brand and attending the webinars in the future!

Webinar Review

To start I really enjoyed the overall webinar. I love how you interacted with everyone and was so friendly. I can tell you took your time with the slide presentation and wanted to make sure we were comfortable with every aspect. I will continue to purchase tickets for more webinars as well as referring friends. You gave me motivation I have been lacking for a few months so I would like to thank you for that. I can’t wait until next time!

Webinar Review

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I have always been curious as to how to start my own brand and I not only love your products, but admire the look and feel of your brand as a whole. I really enjoys the webinar and felt like I got a lot of useful information from the session. You honestly surpassed my expectations and I can not wait for the next time. Keep doing you, I love your products and I’m so grateful of the knowledge you have shared. 
Thank You! 


This webinar was fantastic! I learned a lot of stuff and things that I already knew. I loved that you were completely transparent and wasn’t giving us fluff but what really works. I would like to have a personal one on one session.


My Review: 
This is was really one of the best webinars I have experienced. I absolutely LOVE how you had a slide show with everything on it and that we were able to view it. I have been on other young entrepreneurs webinars paid up to $20+ and they are really unorangized and completely all over the place. So the slideshow really helped.